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Contact Information
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Bunker Information:
Bunker Region:
Description of terrain/surroundings?
Total occupants in your bunker?
Estimated time you may need or want to remain in your bunker?
Type of disaster/danger you're most concerned about protecting your family from?
Do you have any unique needs for an Elderly, Infant or disabled?
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Bunker size:10'20'30'40'
Entrance type:       
Vertical hatch entrance:2"12"36"60"96"     
Power plant:NoYes        
Beds, Furniture and cabinetry:NoYes
Estimated time frame for purchase in days:1-3030-9090+       
Do you want "Bunker of Steel" to deliver your bunker?No  Yes
Do you want "Bunker of Steel" to install your bunker?No  Yes
We will review your information and get back with you shortly.
Bunker of Steel Team
Terms and Conditions
After consulting with one of our partners and determining the size of your bunker/s, hatch entrance and/or stairwell entrance, “air exchange system” and any desired options, "Bunker of Steel" will create and email you an invoice for your review. Upon your approval, you will sign this invoice and send it back to us with a 50% down payment. After we have received a signed copy of your invoice and your down payment, "Bunker of Steel" will immediately commence the construction of your bunker. Once the construction has begun, the down payment becomes non-refundable. Depending on the complexity of your bunker, build time will take between 6-8 weeks. 7 days before your bunker is complete, "Bunker of Steel" will notify you. At which time you will be required to pay the balance (50%) before we ship or deliver your bunker.
2869 E. 1350 S. Saint George, UT 84790